Spider Solitaire

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Spider Solitaire New Year

Use all the eight legs of Spider Solitaire to dance your way into the New Year!

In this version of Solitaire, you donít have foundation stacks or free cells, but you only work with one suit! Seems easy enough, right? Sure, to an extent. You will still stack cards in the tableau in descending order like normal, while trying to make it through all of the face-down cards. As long as you are able to stack all cards in descending order, you win! The catch to this game, however, is that your draw pile will place a new card at the bottom of every one of your runs in the tableau, which could easily cause chaos. It is easy to run out of moves in this game, so take your time and think through your moves before you make them.

Spider Solitaire Hints

  • This version of Solitaire uses two decks of cards in the same suit, which can make it seem really easy at first because you arenít sorting through suits, but can be extra challenging as well.
  • Arrange your tableau so all cards are revealed and are in descending order
  • Watch out! The cards in the draw pile arenít placed by your choice Ė they will add a card to all of your stacks!